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Tamagoyaki (400gm)

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Product Description 

Tamagoyaki is fluffy and bouncy Japanese rolled egg which ranked in the list of the top 30 Japanese traditional foods! Literally meaning 'grilled/fried egg', it is made by rolling together thin layers of seasoned egg in a frying pan. 

Enjoy for breakfast, add to a bento lunch, or use as a filling in sushi. 

Product Details 

1.400gm per pack.

2. Defrost it and it is ready to eat! You can also reheat it.

1. 每包400gm

2. 从冰箱取出后可直接享用。弄热后再吃也可以哦!


1. Keep frozen and use before expiry date (around 6 month).
2. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

1. 必须冷冻收藏及在有效日期前食用(大约6个月)。

2. 解冻了之后不可再重新冷冻。

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