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Smoke Duck Breast 250gm

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Product Description 

This is an easy-to-use and yummy food !😋😘

What you will get is a piece of cooked duck breast (230gm), vacuum sealed in a secured packaging.

This versatile smoke duck breast can be used in ðŸ½many ways🍽 :
1. As salad ingredients
2. Stir fried with vegetables
3. eat as main dishes in your dinner

Product Details 

1. Defrost the smoke duck, and prepare it with 1 of the method below:
✅Slice it, eat it cold (with salad)
✅ Slice it, fried it in pan until desired temperature.
✅Slice it, put in oven and heat for 5 minutes at 180 deg C

1. 把烟熏鸭胸解冻, 并用以下任何一个使用方法:

✅切片,用烤炉烤5分钟 (摄氏180度)


1. Keep frozen and use before expiry date (around 1 year).
2. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

1. 必须冷冻收藏及在有效日期前食用(大约一年)。

2. 解冻了之后不可再重新冷冻。

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