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Norwegian Frozen Salmon Belly 450 gm

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Product Description 

Sometimes seen as an offcut, Salmon belly is a truly delicious piece of meat – it’s full of flavor and all the goodness of omega-3! 

If you enjoy the taste of salmon and want a cut with a more distinct flavor, try salmon belly! Be it slow roasting or a quick pan fry, salmon belly can satisfy your taste bud like no other ! 

Product Details 

1. Each belly is around 150-200 gm. 450gm will consist of 2-3 stripes of belly.

2. All bellies are vacuum packed into 1 food grade nylon bag.

3. Skin on, with bones removed.

1. 每一片三文鱼肚大约是150-200克。450克将有大约2-3条三文鱼肚。

2. 所有三文鱼肚将会真空包装进入1个食品级尼龙袋里。

3. 附有鱼皮,但鱼骨已经清理。

Serving Suggestion 

1. Caution : Cannot be eaten as sashimi.

2. Defrost slowly to preserve the juiciness of the salmon. The slower the process, the better.

(For example, defrost in the fridge for 6 hours is better than defrost in the kitchen for 2 hours.)

1. 注意:此产品不可以当作生鱼片吃。

2. 用更长的时间来解冻以确保肉质多汁。解冻时间越长越好。



1. Keep frozen and use within 6 months.
2. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

1. 必须冷冻收藏及在6个月内食用。

2. 解冻了之后不可再重新冷冻。

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