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AjiDo Sushi DIY Set / Kimbap DIY Set (Halal)

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Product Description 

🔥AjiDo🔥 sushi DIY Set - all in 1 kit to satisfy your sushi craving!

Now this is a COMPLETE SET for you to make sushi at home with your kids!
This sushi set is good for 4-5 people, for a nice full meal. You can do it for picnic too!
All you need to prepare is just your favorite filling (crabstick, cucumber, tamago, etc)
The balance ingredients we have already got you covered! ;)

Product Details 

1. 250 gm premium sushi rice
2. 10 pcs of full cut Yaki nori (roasted seaweed mat)
3. 80 ml of premium sushi vinegar (halal)
4. Bamboo mat & rice paddle
5. 2.5 gm of wasabi (5 bags)
6. 2.5 gm of shoyu (5 bags)

How to Use

1. Cook the premium japanese rice and put it to a bowl.
2. Slowly pour the sushi vinegar (whole bottle) into the rice equally.
3. Stir the rice using the paddle to mix the rice. Do not smear the rice. Let it rest for 5 minutes and stir again. Repeat 3 times.
4. Fold the seaweed into half and cut the seaweed into 2 using a knife.
5. Spread the sushi rice equally onto the seaweed. Leave around 2cm space at the top.
6. Put your favourite toppings onto the rice (cucumber, tamago, crabstick, etc)
7. Roll the bamboo mat over until the boarder of the rice. Press with force with your fingers to shape the sushi roll into square shape.
8. Release the bamboo roll.
9. Roll over the bamboo mat again. This time roll until the last section of the seaweed is stuck onto the sushi roll. Press to shape the sushi roll into square shape.
10. Sprinkle the knife with some water (to help cutting). Cut the sushi roll to your desired length.

Put some mayonnaise/margarine onto your glove so the rice does not stick to the glove when you handle the rice.


Keep at cold and dry place.

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