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FantaSea Onigiri DIY Set / Samgak Kimbap Set

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Product Description 

Onigiri, also known as rice balls, is a super handy and delicious dish. Some Japanese people have it on the go when they don't have time to sit down for breakfast, some people have it as a snack, and some people have it as an accompaniment to a nicely prepared home-cooked meal. 

Onigiris can be prepared multiple numbers of ways. It can be wrapped in seaweed or it can be grilled over a charcoal to give it a deeper umami taste and a crisp coating.

Now you can do it yourself at home with our special assembled DIY kit!

Product Details 

1. Each set contains:

a. 250gm Japanese Rice

b. 80gm Sushi Vinegar

c. Roasted Seaweed 10 pcs

d. Furikake 30gm

e. Onigiri mold x 2

How to Use

1. Cook the Japanese rice (280gm:500gm water)  and put it to a bowl.
2. Slowly pour the sushi vinegar into the rice equally.
3.Stir the rice using the paddle to mix the rice. Do not smear the rice. Let it rest for minutes and stir again.  Repeat 3 times.

 Rice mold preparation :
1. Add furikake into cooked rice.
2. Mix well with rice.
3. Insert rice into mold until about 50% full.
4. Insert the filling of your liking such as salmon mayo,  Idako or corn.
5. Fill up the mold with rice.
6. Use for mold cover to press the rice into a shape.
7. Cut the seaweed into half (follow the sushi DIY procedure)

1. Cut the seaweed along the dotted line.
2. Fold as per step2&3

1.Put the shaped rice in the middle of the seaweed and fold as per instruction.


Keep at cold and dry place.

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