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Ebiko/Masago (500 gm)

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Product Description 

Ebiko is shrimp roe. The word "ebi", meaning shrimp in Japanese, makes up part of this product's name.

Masago is a popular type of roe that comes from the capelin fish (Mallotus villosus), which is a member of the salmon family. 

These small crunchy orange eggs are used in a variety of sushi rolls to add additional “pop” of texture and flavor.   

Try this tasty little orange ball now! you will enjoy them popping in your month! 

Product Details 

1. Each packet contains 500gm of Ebiko/Masago.

2. The shelf life of the product is 1 month.

1. 每一盒500克的虾卵/鱼卵。

2. 有效期限为一个月。


1. Keep frozen. Defrost slowly in chiller. If unfinished, keep in freezer.
2. 请冷冻保存。用冷藏库慢慢解冻。吃不完请再冷冻保存。

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